Asoka Remadja sungkharisma...

Who is he?
Born on Auguts 1988 - a Leo who have a big smile and laugh who love to explore beautiful places and an open minded person. He love to share stories, joy and happiness with others.

What is ?
It's a platform for Asoka to share anything, literally everything. 
He divide this platform into some categories

What is AkuJalanJalanLoh ?
This is the platform for Asoka share everything about his travel experience to some cities in Indonesia and others. You will read what he feel about the places, what place to explore, how to get there and what you need to prepared.

And what about AkuMakanMakanLoh ?
AkuMakanMakanLoh is different with the AkuJalanJalanLoh - in this one, he share about the food, he is a foodie, especially when he travel to new places, he will find what is the special food and try it and pour the experience into words and picture.

He love read or hear people stories -  so he made this platform to publish people stories, so if anyone have some interesting stories, published or not just sent to his email.

Asokaremadja is open to any kind of cooperation via blog or his social media @Asokaremadja
For further information contact through his email.