The Pasta and The Sauce just Out of This World!

Every Monday at Bella Cucina Restaurant is a PASTA DAY!  what is pasta day? basically they have a custom pasta area where a chef will take your pasta, sauce and meat of your choice and cook it

And do you know what? I have a thing with Italian food, especially the pasta - just thinking about the al dente house made pasta with the sauce, make my mouth watery!

That is why when they tell me that I have the opportunity to try Bella Cucina Restaurant, I was so happy. The pasta there was fresh and flavoursome and prepared on the site, so definitely 100% fresh and home made. 

Here I've tried:
1. Spaghetti with squid and tomato sauce
2. Fettuccine Carbonara with mushroom
3. Grilled chicken,beef and shrimp with black pepper sauce
Not gonna lie, the pasta super yummy, the sauce super amazing, the balance between the pasta and the sauce hit the spot, right in my mouth!
The meat and the black pepper sauce, oh my God! I just want more and more and more, it is so good! if I was alone there, I will lick every crumb and the sauce from the plate (lol), seriously, it is super duper good!
Not only the food, the services also very good and attentive, they all very friendly and interactive with all the customers.

And CONGRATULATIONS InterContinental Bali Resort on receiving not only one but TWO awards at 2016 World Luxury Restaurant Awards.
1. 'KO Restaurant, Teppanyaki & Cocktail Lounge'
2. Bella Cucina
Both are "Country Winners" in Japanese and Italian categories

Double Win

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