Villas Aquarama - Sanur's Eco Friendly Paradis - Start From $150.

Villas Aquarama Located in Sanur area. First thing you realize when you step into this villa is the area is super spacious, full of greens and it make you feels like you are on your own home, super comfy!
This villas is located along one little remote path but it doesn't mean that this place is far from everything, please keep reading :D

I was blown away when I saw the pool and the outdoor living room were all part of our villa, and I love how they corporate the color, a mixture of blue, white and brown it just make everything seems so luxurious, comfortable and makes you want to spend your entire day here inside the villa.

We stayed at the Villa Aquaramas 1 which is this beautiful villa has 3 master bedrooms  and 2 classic bedrooms for 6 to 10 guests - everything was sparkling clean, nice living room with all the classic epic furniture and fully equipped kitchen, just open the drawer and you will find any kitchen utensils.
Click here to see all the availability of the Aquaramas 1 (6-10 guests) Aquaramas 2 and 3 (4 guests).

My favorite place here in the villas, must be the living room - the living room area filled with interesting piece of artwork, I just love how they arrange one thing to another and make it very beautiful together, very thoughtful and eye catchy (look at the picture above).
And the best part is this place has lots of fresh air, the living room is designed to be cooled by cross breeze, so you don't need to turn on the air-con, its just amazing!

What is the best way to beat the heat of the sun here in Bali? - one of the answer is swim! the pool here super clean and well maintained.
This villa only 300 meters away to the closest beach, super great environment and you can do surf at the Hyatt Reef.

The look of the room! I'm obsessed with the white and wooden furniture. Simple yet luxurious.

The look of the room! I'm obsessed with the white and wooden furniture. Simple yet luxurious.

Overall:  Villas Aquarama is super perfect place for you to spend with your friends and family - like me, I am enjoying the space and the seclusion of this tropical paradise - don't hesitate to spend your precious time here and just enjoy all the unrivaled hospitality and impeccable services!
I can't emphasize enough how amazing of an experience we had here at Aquarama Villas - extremely comfortable and well kept, thank you very much to @EOasia and for this opportunity.